Questionable Evidence: Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome

A man named Dr. John Caffey is commonly credited with the discovery of shaken baby syndrome. His research and the research and hypotheses of several other doctors became the basis for medical evidence in shaken baby syndrome cases. According to these doctors, the presence of subdural hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage, and encephalopathy meant that the baby had been shaken [1].

Problems with Shaken Baby Syndrome

In the past few decades, doubts have been cast on the reliability of this hypothesis. Although it is accepted that brain injury and subdural hemorrhaging is caused by impact, it is questioned whether shaking can produce these same results.

  • Take a look at the following:
  • Subdural Hemorrhage: It was rediscovered that the brain has a mechanism that naturally and non-traumatically leaks blood, called the dura. This means that the bleeding that was previously attributed to trauma could also be explained by leaky blood vessels.
  • Retinal Hemorrhage: Although retinal hemorrhaging was initially considered a “cardinal manifestation of abusive head injury” [2], it has been shown since to be controversial, if not improbable.
  • Encephalopathy: The presence of a certain pattern of brain injury used to lead medical examiners to believe that shaking was the cause of the damage. It has been shown that this damage is more likely to stem from inadequate blood flow rather than from trauma.

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