Toledo Child Abuse Attorney

Understanding Ohio’s Child Abuse Laws

If you are arrested for abusing or molesting a child, your entire life will be turned inside out. The mere accusation of this type of offense can lead to the loss of friends, children, your job, and a number of criminal consequences. It is vital that you understand crimes against children and those cases involving abuse or sexual abuse are handled differently than others.

Types of Child Abuse Crimes in Ohio

Examples of some actions that may be considered child abuse, include, but are not limited to:

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Building a Strong Defense Strategy

In the context of child abuse, if you are ever contacted by the police, children services workers, protective service workers, or anyone else concerning any allegations of abuse, remain silent. You should never answer questions or talk to these individuals without having your Toledo child abuse defense attorney present. It is possible that government employees may claim to tape interviews or take accurate notes, only to find out that they have not done so and it is your word against theirs.

Regardless of what the law says, in many child abuse cases you are presumed guilty once the allegation has been made. You will have to prove that you are innocent, which is why hiring a skilled Toledo child abuse defense attorney is important. We are here to help you prove that the allegations against you are fabricated. Our legal team does this by developing a theme to convince the jury as to a motive behind the false allegations.

Our firm is here to protect your rights and work with you to give you the best possible chance to keep your freedom. Most courts err on the side of caution, trying to protect the child from the alleged perpetrator. The courts rarely protect the child from the parent who may be falsely accusing the other parent of child abuse. It is important to have a lawyer on your side who can educate the court as to how false allegations come about.

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