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Sex crimes are among the most serious offenses for which you can be arrested or charged. Rape is a very serious crime which involves both forced sexual contact and violent behavior. If you have been accused of rape, it is important that you realize the gravity of the charges you are facing. Crimes of this nature should be represented by an aggressive Toledo sex crime attorney who will fight for your rights. At Law Office of Lorin J. Zaner, we understand the severity of a rape accusation and are here to protect your reputation and your rights.

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What is Rape?

Rape charges can include any of the following elements:

  • Sexual conduct with someone who is under the age of consent
  • Sexual conduct with someone who is unable to consent
  • Using intoxicants or drugs to prevent someone from resisting sexual conduct
  • Using force or threats to prevent someone from resisting sexual conduct


Ohio law splits forced or coerced sexual acts into two categories: rape and sexual battery. Both of these crimes are punished severely under state law, though they involve different ranges of sexual contact and levels of force or intimidation. Rape is defined as penetrative sexual contact with a subject who is physically or mentally unable to provide consent. This is typically accomplished through the use of force or the threat of force. Rape is generally charged as a first degree felony.

Sexual battery, while similar, involves sexual contact with another person that meets at least one of the following elements:

  • Knowingly coercing an alleged victim to submit to sexual conduct
  • Knowing the alleged victim was substantially impaired
  • Knowing the alleged victim was unaware the act was being committed
  • Knowing the alleged victim is a minor
  • The offender is the alleged victim's parent, guardian, teacher, coach, or other authority figure

There are a total of 13 different variations of sexual battery under Ohio law, each with their own associated punishments. Sexual battery is typically charged as a third degree felony.


The penalties for each crime depends on the circumstances, the age of the victim, and if any drugs or weapons were used to commit the crime. If the alleged victim is underage, the penalties can be increased significantly. Convictions for a sex crime not only include immediate criminal penalties, but a permanent record and sex offender registry.

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