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Man committing a theft crimeHave you been arrested or charged with a theft offense and need a theft attorney in Toledo to represent you? Theft crimes encompasses a number of different offenses which involve illegally taking another's property. This may involve fraud, deception, or the physical action of taking items from another person.

At the Law Office of Lorin J. Zaner, we represent theft crimes that involve the theft of material objects, non-economic property, and financial assets.

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What are the Common Types of Theft Crimes

We have represented a wide range of theft crimes, from minor shoplifting to grand theft and felony theft offenses. Speaking to a skilled legal professional who can ensure you are aware of your rights after an arrest is essential.

Your future and freedom are on the line, especially in the case of a more serious theft offense. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important that you have a legal advocate on your side.

A few of the most common theft crimes we defend include:

What Happens if you are Convicted of a Theft CRime

If you are convicted of a theft crime, you could face time in jail or prison, large fines, and a permanent record. Our Toledo theft crime attorneys understand the severity of the charges you are currently facing. We are not afraid to fight for your best interest in court, build a strong defense strategy to prove your innocence, or aim to get your charges dismissed. Protecting your rights and freedom is our top priority, even if we have to go up against aggressive prosecutors.

We are committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients and ensure you are informed of your options every step of the way. If you are interested in a free case consultation, it is the ideal way to meet with a Toledo theft lawyer from our firm to discuss your options and how we can help.

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