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  • I highly recommend Lorin
    After receiving a judgement from a Magistrate on a custody case that I felt was unfair, Lorin came highly recommended and it has been a blessing to have him by my side to help appeal the decision that was given. Lorin is always quick to respond to me with any questions I may have or any advice that I may need regarding a certain matter. I understand that he has many more clients than myself, however, I feel that I always am a priority and he is very attentive to my case. As a single mother of two, my life on a day to day basis is very hectic with working full time and taking care of my family and it's nice to have Lorin be the support that I have needed to not go through this battle alone. If you are in need of an attorney that is going to fight for you and be the support that you need, then I would highly recommend Lorin as your attorney.

    - Previous Client

  • I thank God every day for Lorin's expertise and knowledge. He truly saved my life and, for that, I will be eternally grateful.
    When Lorin came to my defense, I was at the end of my rope, not knowing what was going to happen to my life, but being fairly certain that I was going to prison for a crime I did not commit. Before this situation, I was convinced that innocent people didn't go to jail. Now I know better. If I had not hired Lorin Zaner to defend me, I'm sure I'd be in prison right now. My estranged wife at the time was upset because I had filed for custody of our daughter, and hearing that she would lose custody, she told her two daughters (my step-daughters) and my daughter with her to claim that they were sexually abused. With no medical evidence to support their claims, I was arrested and put in jail. I had to hire an attorney from behind bars, without having the opportunity to research his background and history as thoroughly as I could have otherwise. This attorney seemed only to be defending me halfheartedly, and the longer the case went on, the less time he would make for me. In the meantime, I was sitting in jail with a bail that was much too high for me to make and having no idea what was going to happen next. On the outside, I had my girlfriend working on finding a new attorney because I knew that if I didn't find the right person defending me, there was no way that the attorney I had was going to make a good case to a jury. He couldn't even get my bail reduced so why would I trust him with my life? So one day, I called my girlfriend and she told me about Lorin Zaner. She was excited to tell me about her conversation with him, and I decided to give him a call. After talking to him for a few minutes, I knew he was the right man for the job Lorin jumped into the case head-first, driving all the way from another state in a snowstorm to make it to my divorce hearing. I didn't know why it was so important to him at the time, but he wanted to get my soon-to-be ex-wife on record while he asked certain questions. I didn't even realize that he could ask questions about the criminal case at the divorce hearing, but he knew that he could and took advantage of it. My divorce lawyer just sat back and watched while Lorin took over. And it ended up paying off. A few days after the divorce hearing, I had a preliminary hearing on the criminal charges. Lorin got the bail reduced and I was released from jail. After that, thing started falling apart for the prosecution. Lorin was like a legal ninja during the next couple of hearings, asking the right questions at the right time and pointing out the flaws in the prosecution's case. It didn't take long for the judge and prosecution to realize that the jury could not convict. You can imagine my reaction when Lorin came out of the courtroom with the news that all charges were being dropped! Because of Lorin, I've got to watch my daughter with my new wife take her first steps. Get her first tooth. Have her first birthday. Take her first bites. Go to her first day of school. Fly her first kite. Ride a bike for the first time. I'll get to see her go to her first prom and go on her first date (which may require Lorin's assistance again if he doesn't treat her like a lady). I get to enjoy all of the firsts in her life, thanks to him. I thank God every day for Lorin's expertise and knowledge. He truly saved my life and, for that, I will be eternally grateful.

    - James Reed

  • Made a Lasting Impression
    Thank you for your presentation at the Sexually Dangerous Offender panel last Thursday at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Atlanta. Your presentation was directly on target, and I particularly appreciated the vivid and moving job that Lorin did with his “first person” account. It was just what the audience needed to hear, and I am delighted that you could both attend. I’m sorry about the logistic difficulties, but I think that you made a lasting impression on an audience that is in a position to translate what they learned into daily practice.

    - Carl Edwards

  • Lorin went to battle and he prevailed.
    My brother-in-law was charged with four counts of raping a minor, and I knew that he was innocent. Therefore, we hired an attorney from Toledo to represent him. Upon review of the case it became clear that a knowledgeable resource was essential to winning this case. Based upon referrals that Lorin J. Zaner was the attorney to assist in this type of matter, we employed him as an expert. Not long after meeting and reviewing the case with Lorin we decided to hire him as counsel to defend my brother-in-law against the false charges. Lorin went to battle and he prevailed. After 50 minutes of jury deliberations, the verdict came in; not guilty on all four counts. “Lorin’s masterful voir dire of the (November 3, 2003) prospective jury should have been videotaped for a continuing legal education course in training trial lawyers. He effectively challenged the panel’s natural skepticism about the presumption of innocence and prevailed over the panel to commit themselves to the oath they were soon to take.” “Lorin’s stunning cross-examination of the prosecutor’s witness, an experienced detective, out to change the way the police department conducts their business. This cross-examination reflected a dramatic turning point in the case."

    - Attorney Fred Overdier

  • Lorin Zaner as one of their finest in the legal profession in this area of the country
    As a court reporter for over 45 years, I have had the privilege to work with Lorin Zaner in both criminal and civil cases throughout our careers in the Lucas County Common Pleas Court in Toledo, Ohio. Lorin is an exceptional lawyer and it is evident early on during a trial that he has researched the applicable law of the case and is fully prepared. In 1997 Lorin defended a young mother accused of shaking her baby to death; a shaken baby syndrome case as they are known now. I was the court reporter assigned to that case to write the record. Lorin had an uphill battle from the beginning in overcoming the idea of an infant dying at the hands of a young mother accused of shaking her baby to death. His professional approach to this case began when he not only had to know the law applicable to the charge, but the medical knowledge he had to achieve to be able apply the medical facts of the case during examination to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. Back then the shaken baby syndrome was relatively new territory as not much law had been written on the subject. With that being said, working in the best interest of his client, the determination that Lorin had for his client, the dedication to the law to apply to the facts, he was successful in winning the case for his client. As a result of this acquittal that was ultimately achieved, case law has been written and Lorin has become a nationally known expert on the subject of the shaken baby syndrome and is recognized throughout the United States. His expertise has been sought after by other lawyers throughout the country that defend similar shaken baby syndrome cases. It was his professionalism, strategy, presentation, care and concern for his client that he exuded during trial that was, and still is to this day, highly regarded by his colleagues. The citizens of Toledo and the Toledo Bench and Bar arc fortunate to have Lorin Zaner as one of their finest in the legal profession in this area of the country, one who specializes in this type of a case, and as a court reporter I also recognize Lorin's capabilities as an outstanding and dedicated lawyer.

    - Doug Adkerman

  • Lorin Zaner was recommended to us and we were extremely pleased to have him working for us.
    We initially contacted a different defense attorney to represent us after a false allegation was made against us. As the case progressed in the court system we came to realize that all defense attorneys are not necessarily familiar with defending a false sexual abuse case. That is when we found Lorin Zaner. Lorin went out of his way to meet with us after normal business hours to discuss our case. He then talked with us numerous times during the preparation of our case, either in person or via phone calls, to help him understand what he needed to look for or further understanding of what was discovered. Lorin would take or return our calls promptly and answered all of our questions or concerns. He and his staff, dug into backgrounds, searched through police reports, spent countless hours reading through records, and sent out numerous subpoenas to obtain and reveal the truth. Lorin kept us well informed as to his progress. He worked tirelessly to uncover key pieces of information that helped with our defense. Lorin had the resources or knew the right people to bring on board to help with the defense. Lorin was there for us from the minute we hired him until the conclusion of our case. He was able to prove that the false allegation was in fact a false allegation. Lorin Zaner, unlike most attorneys, understands what is necessary in the defense of a false allegation as it pertains to a sexual abuse case. We were greatly impressed with his high degree of knowledge and his integrity. We highly recommend Lorin Zaner to anyone who needs a defense attorney to represent them.

    - Bob and Bettie Koenig

  • What a joy to have experienced the rush of relief upon the quick jury verdict and a sense of reinforcement, at least in this case, that our system works and justice does prevail.
    Dear Mr. Zaner, This is just a brief note to tell you what a masterful job you did in your defense of Tim Mullins at his trial earlier this month. As Tamara’s mother, I was first interested in the trial from the angle of seeing how her first case as a lead detective played out. I knew almost nothing about the case, only that she was working very hard. Quickly, my point of interest changed from my daughter to the defendant as I watched the case unfold and began feeling a sense of rage at the injustice of a good man’s life being nearly destroyed by false accusations. Convinced of his innocence early on, I was then intrigued, particularly as a litigation paralegal, to see how you would achieve not alienating a jury that was bound to have tremendous sympathy for a crying little girl. You succeeded not only in that delicate job, but in systematically, logically and methodically piecing together segments of testimony to create a clear and unambiguous picture of Tim, his family, and the likely real truth of the matter. It was a professional pleasure to have observed you and your work. Although I gave up several “billable hours” that week, I learned more than I have at many CLE seminars. What a joy to have experienced the rush of relief upon the quick jury verdict and a sense of reinforcement, at least in this case, that our system works and justice does prevail. Again, congratulations on a phenomenal job.

    - Patti Frapasella, RP